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05 settembre 2011

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Born in Region of Puglia, Italy, he studied initially the classic guitar and Latin music. From 1990, during the years of University in the city of Bari, he begins to be interested as a self-taught to the fingerpicking guitar. In 1996 at Soave he was noticed by Marcel Dadi who invited him on the stage and play at the end of his night concert. Paolo published his first CD in 2002 (“Con la Chitarra”, the first cd-extra with tablature by a fingerstyle guitarist in Italy). In 2003 he won the first prize to the Festival “New Sounds” of Sarzana and in 2004 his Method on the Fingercussion Guitar à la Dadi is already produced. He has collaborated with Jacqueline Perkins, shared the stage with big artists such as Alex Degrassi, Michael Manring, Don Ross, William Ackerman and Antoine Dufour. In 2007 he was the only Italian artist invited to the San Severino Blues Festival in the same billboard with Patti Smith, Robben Ford & Larry Carlton. Recently he has published his cd “The Movie Concert” with the homonymous show of guitar cover dedicated to the Cinema. He has just started a collaboration with the violinist of the band ‘Quintorigo’ Andrea Costa and with the sax jazz player Stefano Fariselli for a project titled “Acute Acoustics”. In 2011 he was invited in the major Italian Festival as Soave with Laurence Juber or at the International Festival of Shanghai with Alex Degrassi in which presented “Vulcano!” his last CD edited by Windstrings pub and produced by Massimiliano Tonti. In 2011 he was also invited to Classical Guitar Fest of Banja Luka in Bosnia Herzegovina with Zoran Dukic. Paolo lives in Parma, Italy, alternating his teaching activity with live concerts.


His album

Con la Chitarra (2002)

Cd contains some covers such as Nuovo cinema Paradiso and other songs wtih fingerstyle guitar.

The Movie concert (2009)

Cd dedicated to the most beautiful soundtrack from famous movies.

Vulcano! (2011)

Produced by Mr M. Tonti