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01 settembre 2011

Bridge Guitar Reviews

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Con La Chitarra” is Paolo’s first album. This album is a multimedia album with 14 tracks, which are very excellent recorded and also some of Paolo’s best compositions put on the album in Powertab files. This is great for acoustic guitar students who like to get a higher level on their guitar playing techniques. ”July” is the first track of this album, which shows a lot of Paolo’s playing techniques and capabilities to compose extraordinary great acoustic guitar music. “Zigadezua, “One For Marcel” and “U-Friends” Paolo is calling this the “Superpicking Suite”, a very creative and technical track with a very nice melody and structure. ”Dove Riposa iL Polpo a well composed track, which shows nice melancholic moods in a setting with a quartet.

Trite Night is a really grooving composition and Paolo really shows all his tapping and slapping techniques in a very rhythmic and technical challenging piece. “Kudda Duxx a real rhythmic composition. “Xmas Song a very intimate composition which I like a lot. “Mystery Blues” a very well written composition on which Paolo and his quartet really show off on a nice repeating theme. Paolo Sereno is a very talented fingerstyle guitarist, who really captures a lot of styles, he can play with ease styles like blues, jazz, alternative and folk music. A big surplus are the tabs of his compositions,which make this album unique. His Influences come from great guitarists like Don Ross, Ed Gerhard and Marcel Dadi. Paolo Sereno yet has his own style in which he always knows to capture the listener in compositions with nice rich melodic and rhythmic melodies and technical great playing.


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